Got Ringworm On Feet? Tips for Easy Protection

Ringworm, which is caused by fungus, can affect and infect every part of your body, especially the area which is moist and damp. Ringworm takes different name on affecting different parts of the body. Athlete’s foot is a type of ringworm that affects the feet.

Which part of the feet is more prone to disease and what happens?

The part between your toe nail is the home of fungus. The area between the toes is always warm and wet which becomes the home of the microorganism. Under the moist condition, they start infecting the area and it termed as Athletes’ foot. The skin becomes thick and scaly and sometimes it can form crusts and break.

What steps should you take to stay prevented from the fungus?

These infections can spread from one person to another easily. If you walk in public bathrooms, swimming pool, locker room, bathroom on bare foot, you will be attacked by the fungus immediately. In order to stay protected,

  • You have to wear a shoe when you walk out
  • Use a bathroom shoe when you walk into a public place
  • Keep your house clean by using a disinfectant
  • Wear slipper or flip flop when you are walking on moist place
  • If you are infected, clean your feet and apply medicine for a quick cure
  • When you notice that you have Athlete’s foot, do not neglect, contact your doctor immediately and seek proper medical advice.
  • Take help of ringworm cream named Phytozine, it will help you remove ringworm from any part of the body.

Remove Skin Tags Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Skin tags may be sometimes due to the accumulation of blood vessels and collagen inside your body. They are of mostly 2 colors either black or brown, small in size and fleshy outgrowths. They are not a big concern as they do not irritate you in terms of health. People who are obese, old, sweaty and unhygienic often tend to have skin tags. Not always necessary for only these to have skin tags. It is quiet familiar in both men and women. There are some home remedies that can be applied before you actually go and visit a skin doctor.

Apple cider vinegar is helpful

Apple cider vinegar is considered one of the most safest way in removing skin tags. It’s a promising approach towards a list of home remedies. As we all know vinegar adds taste to the food items and makes them yummy it also can get your skin back to yummy state. You can directly dip the cotton ball in the vinegar and apply it on the places of formation of skin tags. It is more preferable if the solution or vinegar is mixed with some water.

Using for a month

Apple has some wonderful nutritional benefits. It has some special acids with a mixture of vitamin A that help in the removal of skin tags. This process needs to be repeated for a month. Yes, the results are slow but 100% sure shot. If you consider other faster methods for skin tag removal then opt for the homoeopathic skin tag removers that can be found at